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Robens Green Cone Tipi Brings Style And Function To Outdoor Adventures

Robens Green Cone Tipi

The wind-shedding capabilities of a small conical tent has long been appreciated by outdoor adventurers in the more inhospitable corners of the world and award-winning Scandinavian tent specialist, Robens, has called on this heritage when designing its new Green Cone that’s perfect for numerous outdoor activities and touring.

New for 2017, the Green Cone is an eye-catching four-person tipi in HydroTex HD – a light, strong and durable 75D polyester flysheet fabric exclusive to Robens, with a polyurethane coating providing a 5,000mm hydrostatic head. The tipi uses a single sturdy yet light telescopic #7001 T6 aluminium alloy pole that makes the tent so easy and quick to pitch – a real boon in inclement weather.

When used with the inner the pole is extended to create an air gap by lifting the outer from the ground. The enhanced air flow works in conjunction with the apex vents to minimise condensation. The Green Cone can also be used without the inner to reduce the 5kg pack weight to just 2.9kg. The telescopic pole has spring-loaded buttons that allow it to be adjusted enough to close the air gap in order to minimise draughts, water splash back in the rain and the entry of insects.

The Green Cone has a D-shaped main door for easy access and offers great headroom at its apex, with a large porch when the inner is used. The main pole is offset to increase the valuable useable space within the inner, enhanced by the small wall created in the inner by a small pole sewn into each corner. The inner features an O-shaped door with mesh panel behind, a tough but light 75D Taffeta 210T polyester groundsheet and ground level mesh-protected vents that keep inside fresh while insect-free.

Robens continues to test all its tents using its own in-house facilities and, during the tests, register the maximum (MAX) speed impact a tent was subjected to and the average (AVG) wind speed at which structural instability occurred. Structural instability may show as the collapse of tent, returning to shape when the wind drops, or a broken/deformed pole. At no point did Robens encounter any form of catastrophic failure up to the maximum wind speed and an icon is now used, including on the Robens website, to show the MAX and AVG figures for each tent. The Wind Test figures for the Green Cone are MAX 135km/h and AVG 130km/h.

Robens and HydroTex are registered trademarks and the tent has an RRP of £299.99.

Robens Green Cone Tipi   

For further information and prices, plus details of your nearest retailer, visit the Robens website

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