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12th March 2017 - Wasdale Head to Scafell and Back

After four months of excited anticipation we headed to Wasdale Head National Trust campsite at 09:30 on Sunday 12th March. I had been keeping a close eye on the forecast for the previous two-weeks, and although it was due to be grim, the air seemed quite calm and spring was on the way. A faint fog hung around the top of Scafell, but we set off hoping this would lift as the day went on.

We followed a regular route up and enjoyed some views, but we soon started to lose the views the higher we got and it was showing no signs of lifting either.

After some scrambling and slipping and sliding we reached the top, however we couldn't see more than 30 feet in front of us, meaning it was going to be challenge heading back done. With weather like this it goes to show it's all about planning and preparation. We went armed with digital maps, paper maps, print outs of the route, plus enough food and water to keep us going all night if we got lost.

Although we went slightly off the path on the way down, a quick about-turn got us back on track and before we knew it we were below the clouds and the views started to open up and we could see the pub, the final destination of today's climb.

The Wasdale Head Inn is a great boozer with lots of options of real ale, lagers and spirits. Whilst we did not eat here, the food that was leaving the kitchen looked and smelled lush and if we were not planning on a roast later on, I would certainly have happily scoffed down a load of munch here.

Walk this route yourself, download the .gpx file.

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