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23rd February 2017 - Storm Doris Please Take Care

The Met Office has put out a warning that Storm Doris will bring 'damaging winds', rain and snow to the UK and could cause chaos on transport networks today and they have certainly not been wrong.

An amber National Severe Weather Warning has been put in place with winds expected to reach up to 80mph across large parts of the UK.

Today on the Galway coast in the Republic of Ireland an 87mph gust was recorded and it doesn't feel that different here in North Hertfordshire. I have just been out battling the winds to ensure my pooch gets her daily stroll and boy was it hard out there, I am now back in the safety of the indoors, however many trees have come down with many more creaking and straining to stay standing in the wind.

Please take extra caution when walking near trees of all sizes, even the smallest branches that are falling could cause severe injury. Another saftey note to bear in mind is to please let someone know if you are going out for a walk and let them know your proposed route and how log you expect to be out for, and as always, make sure your battery is charged in your mobile in case of emergency.

Another victim of Storm Doris

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